Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Obit: Letters to the Guardian, October 1996; Roy Battersby, Director

Guardian, 23/10/96 p15
Roy Battersby writes: Wherever Tony Parker went he brought his healing discipline of listening to people, whether they were imprisoned in jails, barracks, mines, lighthouses, housing estates, or in their lives. The profundity and integrity of his witness produced work that illuminated every life he explored and the society in which it was lived.
Reading The Courage of His Convictions 30 years ago had a profound influence on my life. We made Five Women into a film for the BBC-TV Wednesday Play series in 1967 and I began a period of prison visiting under his influence. He wrote the documentary People Like Us on the two polar approaches to psychiatry. I directed some of his compassionate television series Couples on Counselling, and we tried to make films from his work on sex offenders and from The People of Providence.
Tony was a poet; his books have the pulse of poetic insight and passion. The BBC must now show Five Women, described by the Observer as “the first masterpiece for television,” in its original form as a tribute to a great man.

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